Hello! Little background, I Started off riding an enduro bike, gravitated towards the more technical stuff, and now find myself doing hard enduros and falling in love with trials. I have a KTM 300 XCW, EM Race Model, and just bought a Scorpa and love it! Put a vid of a RSG attempt below on my second ride on the Scorpa. Still needs a lot of work, still dropping my hips back, letting my arms straighten too much on the “go” and trying to break a nasty habit of giving more throttle just before the go. This was exasperated by riding the EM which is a cool bike but the crazy tall gearing makes loading the flywheel and using the clutch in general not very effective. The EM would be killer with a gearbox. I will be doing some experimenting with putting a huge rear sprocket on the EM to see if I can get some lift out of it and will post findings in the appropriate area. Excited to be here and would love some #RSG feedback!

Posted by westerhoff.chris at 2022-07-25 04:53:03 UTC