I got softer springs and for the first time trying to set #suspension . The objective was to have ones that suit my weight. Also I hoped to be able to compress the suspension with less body input (less fatigue). I had a chance to ride Beta 200cc a little bit. What a nice playful bike with such a mellow engine. The suspension was so much softer, I was able to hop both wheels with ease. But my TRS RR 300cc requires quite a body work (to push suspension) and concentration to get the timing right even after replacing the springs (all clicks are in the midpoint). This made me think what bike will work best for me (my riding ability and body shape) in terms of bike geometry, suspension, engine. For sure I won't buy 300cc again. Firstly I have to make the existing bike work good enough. @Neil Price recommends a slightly slower compression stroke, and relatively fast rebound. I struggle to quantify this advice into the actual rear/front sag in mm and clicks. Perhaps you folks have more insights. Please let me know your thoughts. Here are the things I've found. ## Intuition Clicks are from the closed position. Open anticlockwise direction. Fully closed — very slow suspension reaction. Fully open — very fast reaction. - Left fork top: clockwise adds preload (stiffer, less sag) - Left fork bottom: adjusts the end travel of the fork to increase/reduce fork travel range, clockwise reduces overall suspension travel - Right fork top (rebound): clockwise makes fork extend slower for plusher feel - Right fork bottom (compression): clockwise makes it stiffer, e.g., for big impacts, jumping down ## Factory defaults (from TRS manual 2021) Torque: GasGas recommends 10N on lower clamps and 12N on upper, Vertigo sets 12N for both clamps. Screws at top: - Spring preload: left side is 10.5 turns - Compression: right side is 30 clicks Screws on the bottom are 1 turn. Rear shock: - Compression (purple knob on the top): 15 clicks - Extension (flat screwdriver on the bottom): 39 clicks out of 50

Posted by Marsel at 2022-07-24 20:28:15 UTC