Hey Neil, I couldn't tune in at the time, but I just enjoyed sitting thru last night's live about suspension and got a lot out of that, thanks! Sorry to barrage you now with a bunch of questions! 1) Where can you see comments posted during the Live?? I can only see one but heard Jess reading out others. 2) My finger is OK and I had a ride yesterday arvo! Felt weird and stiff at first but OK. Been raining here so all my dirt tracks are now mud as slippery as riding on a sheet of oily roofing iron!! I felt quite hopeless! The big trials event is postponed a week due to lockdown and rain so hopefully both Dan and I can get there. 3) Just to clarify, my rear isn't at maximum adjustment ... I've cranked the preload up, but there's more available - I think I'm at 50 - 60% rider sag but there's almost no rider sag. So since you don't even worry about static sag, maybe I don't need to upgrade the spring?? 4) When you say to set travel approx 50% rear 30% front, do you calculate that from the full travel (as per the manual?) 5) Gee that's interesting about reducing the front's spring preload and compression damping to get the bike to settle over the top of a step. Wow there's a lot happening with this stuff. When I look at the video of me doing the big slab it looks like my rear returns to extension pretty fast as it's half way up and start to wheel slip, so I'm wondering whether to even reduce spring rate and increase damping? 5) I'll have to look into servicing the rear shock. I'd like to be able to do it myself. It has about 110 hours on it now. (Reiger). Cheers, thanks for the response!!

Posted by Andrew von Berky at 2021-07-03 00:44:51 UTC