Finally I’m back on the bike and with new pants and jerseyr. Haha so in this video I tried rev squat go but on an obstacle that has a flat surface on the back end and the I put a tight short turn prior to climbing onto the rock so it kinda forced me to make sure I don’t just gas up the hill but rather Rsg thought it. I remember Neil recently made a video about utilizing RSG on obstacles so I attempted haha. It’s been about 3 weeks since I rode and I felt okay. Had to cut down to riding only an hour today as my hands numb pretty quickly, but time on the bike it’s better than none. Do let me know what you guys think. I only have maybe 3 rides I can do this week before I go back to work for another 3 weeks away from the bike. Any suggestions I can do so utilize my time? For exercises I still do tons of fig 8, stopping and balancing, and RSG. What would U guys think is best?

Posted by Deleted (a6c7b102) at 2022-06-27 21:23:35 UTC