Whats the best week before race training practice/drills? I've been trying to balance doing the hard enduro series and trails series so what ends up happening is i'm working really hard getting seat time and doing workouts for the hard enduro's and then the trials gets put on hold for a bit. Then when a trials event comes up it's kind of like cramming for a school test where I try to get as much practice in the week before, not ideal but kind of how its going for me now until the hard enduro season settles down as thats my main focus. So if I have a few hours after work every day for the week before a sunday event how would you set up training time for that? what drills would be good? would certain days do certain drills for certain amount of time? Right now I mainly just do figure 8's on hill, try to find new soft un rutted corners to practice, front wheel hops, rear wheel hops, side hill through loose rocks and hit some large log hops. But if you have some kind of structure you think would be optimal I'd love to hear/try. Thanks! My Trials level is Advanced (our classes: master/exp/adv/int/sportsman. Thanks! #askneil @Neil Price

Posted by treesner at 2022-06-23 18:20:42 UTC