So Tom has challenged me, as well as a few others to be able to do 5 rear tire hops. His goal was in a year. When I officially posted the challenge on my Facebook I said by the end of the year substantially shortening his deadline. Apparently words matter, sorry bout that bro 😁🤣. Regardless of if we get it or not the practice has caused us to hone various other techniques, and improve our control of the bike. For me it is really bringing out patience (letting the bike settle), clutch/brake control, causing me to get more comfortable around the balance point, and really helping me to feel how my body can leverage the bike. Still a long way to go, but here is the progress I've made so far. I've done this for 3 days now (non-consecutive) spending between 8 and 20ish mins per practice on it. I am posting on my Facebook each time I practice this to help keep me accountable. I won't spam it here, but I will post another update as milestone improvements happen.

Posted by Shawn McGinnis at 2022-06-21 14:35:15 UTC