Helmet chat ,just had our first winter trials, bike prep, no practices for 7 mths, moved up a class🤔, new bike, just had donut and a coffee at the trial, let’s go for warm up🤩 bugger left helmet and cloves home bugger, 💡buy a new pair clove of MD Moto, 💡ha borrow young mate mate Neil’s spare helmet, 💡mm maybe the young guru helmet full of mind over matter🤓 so l finished the day in one peace it was a testing trial,but got me thinking about the way l walk the section and choice in lines, so take it from me don’t leave your gear home, practice and Neil’s helmet was totally empty , sitting on my empty head , 🤪 thanks foe the helmet Neil

Posted by robin.h.rodgers at 2022-06-21 11:41:33 UTC