G’day Pricey community 1st time poster here 🤓 Quick bit about me… I started out riding Enduro bikes “properly” in my early 30’s after having a few muck around bikes (DS80, KTM125) as a kid/teen then a handful of street bikes. 3 years later, I’m a Gold Class competitor in the WA Hard Enduro Series (WHES) on a 2021 Sherco 300SE Factory. Over the past 3 years I’ve thoroughly enjoying the lifestyle change it has brought me along with improving my bike skills and fitness as quickly as I can. At the 2 rounds so far this year, I’ve placed mid pack overall which I’m extremely proud of. My pace can be very good I’m just lacking consistency and fitness/energy conservation. I have been lucky enough to attend a few of Neil’s coaching sessions which have been extremely eye opening and look forward to working with him closer in days to come. The lessons he teaches are beyond valuable. This September I will be competing in Tasmania “Insane Ride” which is the last round of the AHEC. It will be my first time attending and competing at a national event. I don’t have any experience on a trials bike, I have considered this but decided to devote the time I do have to learning similar skills on the full size bike instead. Maybe down the track! This clip is from the weekend, this log was extremely slippery with almost zero drive. Nowhere near textbook technique (RSG) but got the job done at the time! 😂 Interested to share and hear feedback/opinions! Thanks, Damien

Posted by Deleted (224e5517) at 2022-06-21 06:21:10 UTC