SUSPENSION FOR TRIALS/HARD ENDURO LIVE tomorrow Fri 2nd at 6pm (+8GMT) So @Andrew von Berky asked the other day about suspension, and sag etc for trials. Now I am no expert what so ever! But I am more than happy to talk about it in a general context. I hope to answer a number of things like why everyone says “it’s not really that important for most trials riders” and some of the ways I consider set up and how this may affect Hard Enduro set up also. This is by no means a master class 🤣🤣 but i have put plenty of thought into this for myself, so there should be something interesting for you in it! SO join us in the live show, as we will be testing out a few things as we go also! 😜👍

Posted by Neil Price at 2021-07-01 12:28:54 UTC