Hey everyone! So the last two weeks I’ve been away for work and I have one more week before I can go home and take a week off. (My boss bought a 100 year old hydroplant and is using my skills I had in a previous trade to get things fabricated and repaired 🙄). I’ve been very consistent training on the bike prior to leaving for work. I would balance once a day and once a week go out and ride. When I return for one week I’m hoping I will have the free time to go every morning but I idk if I really can do that. I will be doing this for work till end of august and my local club will have competitions in September which I want to do. I usually spend 2 hours on the bike whenever I go out and spend it like how Neil suggested which I believe was about 30 min on technique 1 hour doing a simulated competition and 30 min goofing around. I wish I can do more riding but my hands don’t allow me. I usually have a window where my thumb index and middle fingers go numb and I cant feel them. When I first ride in the day it takes longer for my fingers to go numb and I usually take a short break till I feel them again, but as the day progresses as I ride the faster my fingers go numb and I take more frequent breaks. Since they are numb I can’t feel my index on the brakes and clutch. At that point I usually guess how much I depress them but I do stop and take a break. My hands are going though hell out here working and they are feeling a little numb as I text haha. My goal is to balance with no hands or one hand at least so I can give them a break between obstacles or challenges. Has anyone ever had this problem and if so what did you do? I do tons of stretching of wrists and do tendon glide exercises bit helps but it’s it feels fruitless sometimes. Any suggestions? sorry for such a long post I just want to see if anyone in the community had similar problems. One thing too is I hate giving myself excuses and sometimes I feel people I rode with think this is an excuses back when I trail rode or play enduro haha and I think this is an excuse to myself too and it does bother me sometimes that what do you guys think? Thanks again

Posted by Deleted (a6c7b102) at 2022-06-17 10:04:35 UTC