The past few days riding I've been working on off-camber bottom turns on slippery hills. Mostly it's been fail after fail when the back wheel spins as I turn from across hill to uphill. Often (not always) I can find traction to go straight up, usually with a little bit of a bounce/hop RSG to get the initial grip, so I think the grip is there to be had if everyhing is perfect. #askneil I've started working on accelerating before turning uphill, then gently rolling off the throttle and allowing the bike to slow as it turns uphill. This results in a bit of a fishook shaped turn - wider at the start, then tightening up. It seems to avoid the wheelspin a bit. This is feeling promising but I'm not sure if it's got a future?

Posted by Peter Mack at 2022-06-17 07:30:39 UTC