@Marsel #RSG in Wet Slippery Conditions #FEEDBACK Marsel you are riding very well here and the ride location looks awesome. When we ride in the wet/slip etc, there is a reality, you can only work with the traction that is there. If there is nothing, you have nothing to work with. But that is very rare. Technique doesn't change as such in slippery conditions, but we may need to be gentler (ie a little less RPM or Slower on the clutch or more leverage over the bike) Your control and body movement here on the bike is really good! Key Learnings - The technique doesnt change in the wet - Developing a little more pull in the bars, and using that leverage of the bike will really help you maximise traction at the rear wheel. #Slippery #wetconditions #leverage

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-06-14 08:30:25 UTC