Hi Everyone, I’ve been out trying to practice the basic RSG technique on flat ground to create/build a little bit of muscle memory, but I am learning that I am having to re-teach my confused brain in order to override old (bad?) habits! 😊 My “old habit technique” is to compress the suspension and apply some (minimal) throttle while standing up and releasing the clutch. This is where my brain defaults to when I tell it to ‘lift the front’. With the RSG technique, I am struggling with the lifting of the front – a LOT. From today’s practice, it felt like I had to spend a lot of energy pulling on the bars, which I don’t think is right… I feel like I can get the revs going (although I can likely do more), I feel like I squat (although I am realizing that I don’t necessarily squat enough), but I ironically struggle with the ‘go’ portion. - Do I “jump” or merely ‘stand up’? - What is a good explanation of the timing of the jump and clutch release? - Do I keep the throttle open, or shut it off as I release the clutch? (I might be shutting it off too early?) - At what point should I be pulling the bars? Inputs highly appreciated from my awesome trials-enthusiasts! P.S. it was 108F (42C) in Arizona today - hence the crazy choice in gear (shorts and a T-shirt)... :)

Posted by Morten Jensen at 2022-06-11 20:09:22 UTC