I rode a cracking trial yesterday and got to meet with fellow community member @grahamcraggs . It was some of the furthest travelling I’ve done for a trial 1hr15min, it makes me thankful I’m not doing some of the travelling that you guys are doing. I read @Peter Mack ‘s post last week and thought what do I want to take from competition. I decided that I’m going to use competitions to identify what aspects I need to practice. #askneil So I identified I’m awful at hill climbs, I usually either bounce around and lose traction or end up near vertical with the front wheel lifting often choosing the wrong gear. At the practice ground I use I don’t think there is any hills which are challenging but haven’t extensively searched somewhere out. Is there any material, videos, posts on hill climbs or tips for hill climbs? Thanks Mike

Posted by Michael Wilson at 2022-06-06 08:18:54 UTC