A little attempt at #rsg my first few attempts doing this. Still trying to workout how I can set my phone up sorry for the distance and lack of clarity. Any feedback helps but from what I can tell: Maybe I am moving a little too fast? Revs are inconsistent? My squat position isn’t too far back or it’s incorrect? These are my observations and I hope these assumptions are somewhat correct. I am new to the exercise so I can just be incorrect to assume what I’ve said as well. Thanks again i do appreciate this community I learn a lot just sifting thought the videos. Also an update I’m going to be away from riding for 3 weeks for work… so this community will keep me motivated so keeps the posts going I love it. I will be accountable and be strict on stretching and calisthenics. I’ll be out in the sun so maybe I can drop the unneeded weight for trials. I’ve been looking at the off-season stuff I will for sure keep that in my routine.

Posted by Deleted (a6c7b102) at 2022-05-30 22:59:05 UTC