Rev, Squat, Go again AKA losing the will to live! I haven’t posted for a while but I have been practicing a lot, I’ve done a couple of trials since last commenting and overall my riding and confidence are on the up - which is great! I’m really getting a good feel for the bike now and one of the guys I practice with at our practice ground complimented me on how much I’ve improved over the last couple of months which was great to hear. But I went down the field today to just practice some rudiments and I just cannot get to grips with #rsg - It just feels weird trying, like I’m going through the motions for no great outcome. I must have tried 30-40 times today and I’m afraid I just don’t feel it. I can do something similar if done in quick fire mode but trying to do it over 4m - well, I’m just not getting it. Can anyone tell me where I’m going wrong here? It just feels so ‘nothingy’ for want of a better word. Thanks.

Posted by Deleted (c95fcca7) at 2022-05-28 18:55:23 UTC