I went practicing on Monday Evening and I’ve already shared with you some of my fig8 attempt here is my #rsg attempts which I generally think is pretty poor. I’ve been watching back the rsg video from the learning centre as a comparison. I started with getting over this rock further to the left where it was a bit lower and I had no problem getting up it although from watching the video back my technique needs working on. Then this video is more to the right of the rock where it is a little higher and my confidence isn’t as high. I think that I don’t hit it with the same conviction and confidence as I don’t think I’m going to get up it. I think I could be better with more revs or changing up into 2nd as on some of the attempts I wind a bit more throttle on to compensate for not quite getting up, maybe this won’t be needed with better technique. I think my weight is much further back than where it needs to be when I’ve compared back to Neil’s video and I sort of slam the wheel into the rock. It doesn’t look as if I stand with the go but more rotate into it then stand. What do you think?

Posted by Michael Wilson at 2022-05-25 15:39:53 UTC