Today was my first attempt to practice RSG... I happened to be practicing enduro loops on the 'big bike' and decided to take 15 minutes afterwards and try out this fabled RSG technique. I positioned my camera near a small rock face and tried it out. While it felt a little awkward to practice this, watching the video afterwards, I observed a few things; 1) Timing seems to be off :( 2) I spend more energy compressing the suspension than I do moving my body back. Listening to Neil's video again, I realize that it is less important how fast you compress and much more important how fast you move/push your body back. 3) Not enough throttle. I had a lot of fun practicing this, but have a ways to go. Might be easier to practice with the trials bike. :)

Posted by Morten Jensen at 2022-05-23 01:34:24 UTC