A couple sections from today. The first one is the one Stacy and I checked all day. It is a bit stepper then it looked on camera and the ground looks much firmer then it is. Whatever variant of this section we do each year it always highlights how many people (including the high level riders) neglect basic turning skills. Took me several attempts to be able to regularly clean it. The last corner was where most experienced riders lost it. The first real corner inside the trees was where more of the newer riders started having problems and snowballed up hill from there. This next section was super fun, and gave me a reason to put my very poor hoping skills to use. It is slowly starting to click, but a long way to go to feel confident hopping whenever I need to. The cement chunk I am still hitting to high on, but thankfully it was at a forgiving angle. Much more work needed there!

Posted by Shawn McGinnis at 2022-05-23 01:22:49 UTC