JULY CHALLENGE SO lets get Cracking!! This month I want to set you the small challenge of consciously adding into your technique practice, some time to simply slow things down. This really simple idea can be really valuable in practice! Some ways to put this into action; 1 - Small obstacle, so small its clear of your bash plate. Load the rear tyre (feet up or down) and see how slowly you can drive up and over it 2 - Turn against an incline and drive up it as slow as possible 3 - Roll off and ride down a rock as slow as possible with out letting the bike just free roll. Tips to get the most out of it - Get into an observant frame of mind, this is not about making the obstacle or cleaning a section, its about feeling, experimenting and learning. - Allow yourself to slow it down so much that you "fail", and don't try and fix it.... just play with the "lower limits" I really encourage you to relax into this one and don't be too specific, what ever you have access too use it #slowdown #slowdownchallenge

Posted by Neil Price at 2021-06-30 08:00:51 UTC