@deletedmember #Rollbackchallenge FEEDBACK This is relevant to so many riders! Over doing the "Preload" (you may notice I never use the term). Joshua, I wanted to reply with my thoughts in text but I couldn't put it into words properly! 🤣. I think there is only one thing you want to change, and then 2 things to slightly adjust! Change Don't worry about a big "downward movement". Instead focus on getting to the bottom of the movement, for a starting point to push from. There is not as much momentum in your body as you could get, due to moving downwards to fast, and this makes pushing back harder. The push back is the part we want to get the most out of. Adjust - Shift your Feet to the Arches - Drop your knees (just a little more) towards the front wheel AWESOME effort so far Joshua, especially in the heat!! I hope it cools for you very soon!!

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-05-17 12:45:52 UTC