Hello friends. I’ve been unable to practice here for almost 3 weeks due to work and the weather. We’ve got a heat wave passing thru here and it’s close to 40 degree C on most days. But I did manage to go out yesterday and practice some static balance, figures of 8 and #rsg along with just having fun getting the front wheel up and finding the balance point. I’m still far from having the static balance down to a T but was really excited to try the roll back challenge 2. I set up a bit of a cheat with the rear wheel though just yo get a feel for it and see if my body is moving like it should. Here’s a video of a few try. I do feel like I’m a bit too stiff and unable to really get my back into it to get the momentum.

Posted by Deleted (7edfd395) at 2022-05-17 09:33:45 UTC