How to reach the Rear Brake in Fig of 8s and Tight Turns #rearbrake #figof8 #turning #tightturn #footpeg This is a small tip but it is something that can really help many riders reach their rear brake when doing figure of 8s with their knees out. Roll your Foot outwards on the peg and then you can tilt your whole foot and lower leg to reach the brake. Rear Brake use can be affected by a few factors but the two i see the most of is; - Limited Range of Movement - Getting upper and lower body positions confused It's important to no worry about rear brake use until AFTER you have your body position and general stability in place. Then I introduce front brake, then after that we add rear brake. Also spend a little time, before each ride stretching your calve and the front of your lower leg. Do both legs not just your right foot! Hope this Helps!! @Morten Jensen this is for you to see.

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-05-17 08:40:36 UTC