Got to go to and observe my 1st trials event. Never riden or seen one live before. Turns out it was a national event. Took my 360 camera and wore it on my forehead so I could still focus on scoring. I was willing to go to the top of this hill as I was "the younger observer." The up close action was INCREDIBLE! 👌 I'm so hooked on this sport. 😃 made a few new friends too. This super steep shoot uphill hung up half the pros. I want you to notice the composure and breathing at like 32-38 seconds. None of the other pros were like that. Some had minders yelling at them to slow/calm down. Some were already having self doubt about the hill and sure enough, didn't make it up. Pat's head and shoulders above all the others there and you can see why. I spent 5 min after the event chatting with 1st place finisher Pat Smage. Super humble approachable guy. We talked YouTube and what it's like to make a career out of this sport. Only the top 2-3 guys don't have to get a side job here in the states. His hands and forearms were massive. I guess when holding onto the bars is your full time job, you get fit right? I can't wait to ride an event in a few weeks. 🙂 Need to get out of my backyard and into my uncle's creek bed. I took some old tape as I tore down and will make some proper lines to practice on.

Posted by Deleted (49e7edec) at 2021-06-28 23:06:51 UTC