#askneil Hi Neil - As I am watching more of your videos and demonstrations (most recently the offcamber live show), I noticed yet another thing that I might be doing wrong: I have been told by local riders that I should be 'pointing my inside foot (toes) in the direction you want to turn'. For right-hand turns, this has been (and still is) creating some challenges for me as I find myself having to let go of the rear brake to point my foot to the right. So... as I watch some of your videos, I noticed that you don't seem to be pointing you inside foot. This makes me think that I may have a fundamental misunderstanding of this concept... Should the inside foot be pointed in the direction of the turn, or simply be planted on the peg (and the rear brake when needed)?

Posted by Morten Jensen at 2022-05-08 04:12:46 UTC