Hill turn Front wheel pushing / new bike: Hey there I’ve been having problems with the front wheel pushing when I got my new bike TRS 300. I’ve noticed it from the beginning but rode it for awhile and finally today went back to the Scorpa 300 to see and I feel like the front didnt push as much and more controlled. Maybe you have an idea why the bikes would react differently or what technique I can improve on to prevent it. I tried to push over the rut that forms a few times throughout the videos to keep it hard to ride and where I see the problem the most. 2022 TRS one r 300 e start: -10 hours on it -same front tire -suspension stock and feels harder (I’m 150lb) -this bike is considerably heavier -electric start battery is behind the number plate -I may try going from a 10t sprocket to a 9t to slow it down and possibly ride in 2nd more to dull down the much for aggressive/jumpy feeling motor -might try moving my clutch lever way in on the bars so that I have a longer pull to prevent some of the jumpyness? 2020 Scorpa 300: -100 hours on it -I softened the suspension and clickers way up. Which I haven’t done on the TRS yet because it feels like it hops so well even without having to soften up the suspension like the scorpa felt like it needed -9.5mm clutch piston, couldn’t find out what the TRS has

Posted by treesner at 2022-05-05 11:35:41 UTC