#rollbackchallenge Part2 OK so a few weeks back we did the roll back challenge, and the underlying goal of this exercise is set you up to learn how to hop properly and efficiently. If you really need to head to the Learning centre to find the Hopping Actions video and the Rollback Challenge video Part 1. The Steps were for part 1; 1. Find a base to push off (we also experimented with brakes on and off to feel the geometry changes) 2. Accelerate your body backwards You could then "roll back" out of this action. Rolling back was a target, but the goal was, finding the base and getting good acceleration of your body backwards to get the first half of the hopping action. For me hopping with the engine off, should be learnt first, before hopping with the engine. Now for PART 2, we want to get some lift of the front wheel The steps are now; 1. Both brakes "ON" 2. Drop knees to find a base to push off 3. Accelerate your body backwards 4. Stand and pull the bars to you. Step 4 is the only extra step that we have added into the process, this is working that leverage effect, on the bike (pulling on the bars and pushing into the pegs) REGRESSIONS Some regressions you may experience and possible causes for Step 4; - Not holding the rear brake > poor ankle range of movement - Pulling body to bars to quick > weak squat action Have a go, and let us know how you go use the #Rollbackchallenge #hopping #hoppingfrontwheel #frontwheel #leverage

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-05-04 03:13:37 UTC