#FEEDBACK for @Shawn McGinnis This #turn at top of the hill is very steep and loose. Things get very very "fine" at such an angle with less traction. Key points in order 1. Reduce speed at top of hill, try to track the front wheel across the hill a little to stop momentum carrying on down (only need just a little to dramatically reduce it) 2. Get more braking out of the rear wheel, by using less brake and allowing the rear wheel to roll more and not lock 3. Find your pendulum moment to "Let it Go", and use minimum front brake so the front wheel rolls easily and gets traction to turn. 4. Lean the bike in a little more to get the line of force of the bike to be inline/over the contact patch. I hope this makes sense and I have explained it ok, would love to hear your comments! If I have confused you at all comment below! #turning #topofhillturn #hillside #offcamberturn #pendulum #letitgo

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-05-03 12:38:17 UTC