I rode a Gate Trial on Sunday. This was Moreland Rules, so a single dab is considered a failure. Pretty harsh! 4 loops of 10 sections. There is only a Modern Class and a Vintage Class, so all levels ride together. You choose the gates you want to ride. I was 19th out of 50 in the the Modern Class. I was most happy that I was able to stay focused throughout the whole trial. It was also our first hot day, being about 30C. The third loop which is usually my poorest, was my best score. I discovered that I need to quickly review or walk some some sections on the third and fourth loop, to look for changes in the lines I've been riding. I still need to book a video call with @Neil Price, and talk a bit about the mental side.

Posted by Deleted (afcb05ba) at 2022-04-26 14:13:16 UTC