Glenmaggie.. what a gem! Firstly congratulations to Jenna Lupo and David Grice on an amazing result in trial 3 or B grade. Glenmaggie has been #1 on my list of trials to get to since taking up trials and I almost didn't make it again this year. Having not had the time to practice I really just wanted to go and soak up the Glenmaggie experience and see what it's all about. I have to say the biggest challenge for me was being away from my family without phone service for two nights, I really struggled to get my head in the zone for riding competitively. The biggest highlight for me was simply riding around the property, I loved riding through the stream's which was a huge novelty for me. Also getting to watch Tim Coleman ride at he's home was amazing to see. Thanks @Peter Mack for showing me around and saving me a camping spot, I will definitely be back to Glenmaggie.

Posted by Wes at 2022-04-18 04:53:46 UTC