Reflections on the Easter 2-day trial. Long loops of 15 sections x 3 laps each day with only a couple of sections re-used on the 2nd day. Tired puppy today. A fairly frustrating day 1 for me - five 5's on the 2nd lap for stupid errors (riding a gate backwards. Folding the front under immediately after entering the section on flat ground. Folding the front under in 2 sections by simply not noticing rather insignificant small rocks. Stalling the bike while comfortably balancing). Took another 5 on one section for failing to get my card punched. Day 2 was better - only a couple of really dumb 5's (missing a gate lap 2. Changing plan mid ride and heading up the Expert line (as if that was going to end well!)). A list of learning points: * Always check gear selection, lanyard, starter, stand, idle setting before entering. (entered 3 sections in the wrong gear) * Full concentration from start to end cards. * Absolutely whenever possible, Ride to Win. Be completely positive/determined. Ride as if in practice. Take reasonable risks. (I rode far too conservatively & so didn't ride with sufficient gusto to clean comparitively easy obstacles) * Take strategic dabs, but only where really necessary (took too many strategics - see above) *Visualise every section before entering, being sure you’ve got the route clear. * Stick to your ride plan * Seriously consider all possible routes through difficult areas. Loop back, take unintended options etc. * Make sure your card is marked at each section * After poor sections stop and review your ride to put it behind you. Walk back in and check if you need to clarify why you had trouble. (I think my frustrations on lap 2 escalated and made things progressively worse. I need to learn how to put mistakes behind me more effectively) * Consider 2nd chance options at difficult points. eg a less desirable but wider line on a turn if needed. Looking at some of this I think it points toward too much of a result focus rather than a process focus. Plenty to work on before the next event!

Posted by Peter Mack at 2022-04-18 02:19:36 UTC