OK it’s now shame time! Yesterday, we got some video of Liam and I riding the big rock slab (the one I chiselled, for more grip). So after me being such a smarty pants telling everyone else what they were doing wrong with their RSG … it’s my turn to be torn down! It’s a bit humiliating looking at this video as I am clearly doing pretty much all of the things I’ve told everyone else not to do! I’m actually doing the rushed, short pump that I have so criticised in the enduro guys, not holding the revs and squat! And not squatting deep enough, and head and shoulders too far forward, and timing issues (you can see in one effort I drop the clutch way too early and roost to failure (!). I will post another short vid of doing RSG on a much smaller rock too. And it's amazing how often you do OK at first, and the more you think about it and try harder, the worse you do! Feel free to throw all critical feedback at me!! Cheers. https://youtu.be/lVrv3teoCG0

Posted by Andrew von Berky at 2022-04-16 05:26:12 UTC