#figureof8 on the Enduro Bike @Oshenfunk asked for a video of turning on the Enduro bike. The technique for turning is literally the same, for doing it on the enduro bike as the trials bike. But there are a few points of difference that really help the process; TIPS - Instead of focus on the inside leg against the bike, focus on Hooking the seat with your inside knee/bent leg. It is fine if your inside foot comes off the peg, but keep your knee hooked, so don't straighten your inside leg - because of the seat height restricting how far out you can get from the centre line of the bike, often your shoulders won't be as square with the bars as it is on a trials bike. so don't stress on that do the best you can. - Sit your inside leg hamstring, down on the seat and rest your weight on it. You want to let your butt get as low down the side of the bike as much as you can to get the most lean on the bike you can. Focus The big difference in focus on the Enduro bike is dealing with the transfer of weight, and the associated balance. Don't worry about how "tight" the turn is as such. The balance and ability to transfer the weight is what really matters! especially when you are amongst the rocks and rough terrain, it will really matter, as a dropped bike will cost you way more time!

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-04-15 12:38:32 UTC