Hi everyone, Ive edited a small video from my last outing doing - figures of 8, or it’s it figure of 8’s(?). These are the best attempts where I didn’t tip over or put my foot down. But now I have a few questions about this drill. 1. What’s the ideal distance between cones to start with for beginners. I’m not sure if they’re too close or I just suck. 2. Is it normal to feel a bit more comfortable on one side than the other? Is it just our bodies that are built that way or am I doing something wrong? 3. The patch that I’m doing this on isn’t completely flat and it’s got a bit of a slope right in the centre of the cones- (not sure if it’s visible In the video.) so sometimes I’m unable to switch sides quick enough as there’s a slight acceleration at the moment of the switch because of the down slope. And so I’ve to use the brake to preempt that. Are we trying to achieve the whole 8 without use of the brakes? 4. If you see the last clip. I’m actually able to do the whole 8 in quite a tidy manner if I keep the front wheel on the outside of the cone. I also realised this thru some of the 8… if the front wheel went out I could track it better. Is this because there’s some sort of visual cue? Or is it just because it wider and hence easier. And if there is a visual cue how can I adapt to use it to stay inside ? I’m not even sure if these questions are relevant to the drill and I’m over thinking. But I thought I’d ask anyway.

Posted by Deleted (7edfd395) at 2022-04-11 16:09:32 UTC