Off-Camber turning. After my lacklustre efforts at this at the coaching day with @Neil Price I've been chipping away at improving my off-camber turns, particularly LH. Today I discovered a contributing factor I was completely unaware of previously. On my LH turns as I transitioned from down to up I was just ever so slightly dragging the front brake, probably because that turn feels less balanced so I use the brake more than on RH. This was causing the front to wash out slightly, which made me fall in, which made things go from bad to worse. If I just concentrated on fully releasing the front brake at the transition my success rate increased dramatically. Combined with really focusing on knee out through the transition I went from close to 0% success on my test turn to probably 75%! The little things eh.

Posted by Peter Mack at 2022-04-11 03:02:58 UTC