Hoping someone can enlighten me on hand positions, particularly on the clutch side (#askneil ?). I grip with my hand pressed all the way up against the "donut" part of the grip, but I keep noticing riders gripping farther out (pictured). The riders in the photos are either pros or get regular pro coaching, so I assume this hand position isn't a fluke. If the idea is to grip farther out on the lever for smoother clutch action (as Neil mentioned in his video on lever setup), why not just move the lever perch over? Or, is hand position actually something you change as you go? For slow speed technical areas, do you move your hand out to gain better clutch modulation? And then move it back inward for bigger moves where you need a quick clutch? Is there anything to this, or am I overthinking it? πŸ˜„ Thanks!!

Posted by Caroline Kent at 2022-04-10 13:30:59 UTC