Apologies for inundating this community with posts. This is the rock face I dug out of the slope which I’ve called “El Capitan”. I’ve dug more dirt from around the base to give it more height – it looks intimidating but in fact it’s only about 90cm (35”) high. But completely vertical, or perhaps even a tad overhung, with a very sharp square top corner. I stuck the phone in a couple of spots to get some video of my first attempts. It’s certainly the “hardest” face I’ve done – not so long ago, I couldn’t get up faces a lot smaller. I felt that I was giving it absolutely everything with the ride technique, but half the attempts resulted in a massive crack on the bashplate which doesn’t sound loud on the video, but was very harsh on the bike. The poor bike. And a few times I got the dreaded wheelspin and failed. I didn’t get any slo-mo and I can’t really decipher my technique but it looks to me that I’m standing a bit late in many cases? As Shawn says, there’s so much going on in that last 0.5 second! Anyway, all feedback good or critical gratefully received! Here's the video link: https://youtu.be/AR2nPcz2YLI

Posted by Andrew von Berky at 2021-06-21 10:11:19 UTC