Hi everyone! This was my first attempt at #RSG . I found it to be surprisingly difficult! Accelerating with the clutch is a completely new concept to me. I haven't heard this clarified, but are you supposed to slip the clutch to maintain a constant speed past the first two cones?  I really struggled to rev the bike quickly and maintain a constant RPM while also maintaining a constant speed during the rev and squat.  But I don't see how you could avoid slipping the clutch unless you came in really fast and had enough momentum to roll on through.  I think I might not be releasing the clutch as fast as I think I am at "go".  Towards the end, I started pulling the clutch all the way in the moment before "go" and then releasing my finger all the way off the lever at "go."  (Previously, I had been releasing it from the slipping point where I was holding it during the rev and squat.) I still wasn't getting a very impressive wheelie. What else am I doing wrong? Body position? Timing? Thanks in advance for any feedback!  Hope everyone has a great weekend. Edit: If you don't wheelie, what do you use to judge whether or not you're doing the technique correctly? I was under the assumption that a big wheelie was an indicator of success. What exactly are we looking for as a result, if not that?

Posted by Caroline Kent at 2022-04-10 10:02:23 UTC