Looking for some advice on actual competition riding. As an enduro rider I feel I have a good background in all the aspects of bike and rider prep, spares needed, rider hydration and nutrition during the event, and time management to get finished. I've learned how to walk sections and watch a few riders to get a feel for the section. This last part can be harder than it seems, as I have competed in half a dozen different clubs, who all use different types and colors of markers and mark boundaries of the section in different ways, not always using ribbon on the entire perimeter. I've gotten a few duff 5's going out of bounds. I digress though..... I have no problem riding a 4 or 5 hour trial. They are usually 4 loops of 10 sections or 5 loops of 8, for 40 sections. Actually easier than a practice session, in which you are constantly riding. Here's to the question.... I usually will score some points in the first loop, and then with some re-walking of the points takers, improve loop two. The third loop, I seem to loose focus and have my highest scoring loop. I then take a deep breath, focus and have my best loop of the trial. I rode my first trial of the season 10 days ago and this pattern reemerged, Any tips on keeping focus in that third loop?

Posted by Deleted (afcb05ba) at 2022-04-06 15:49:30 UTC