RSG take 2! By not paying as much attention to the flag spacing I found that I could more easily coordinate releasing the clutch and standing/lifting the front end - although still not enough. Still needs more revs and a bit more conviction. However, after filming this literally went up and down the field for 20 minutes raising the revs more and concentrating on the actions rather than watching spacing and I believe I improved - although I didn’t film it! Much work to do, these videos are by no means supposed to show how well I’m doing as I’m not yet but more so y’all can see if any of it is familiar to you - Im clearly still not finding quite enough ‘courage’ to rev high enough and then pull the bike up and back - but I’m getting there! I look forward to your comments 👍

Posted by Deleted (c95fcca7) at 2022-04-05 17:28:45 UTC