Hopping/Bouncing for traction? With winter and less traction I've been working on trying to hop/bounce for traction on the steeper hills. Unfortunately no video yet (camera went flat). I can get a bit of effect if I hop and coordinate just throttle, but adding clutch is extremely hit and miss (more miss than hit!). Relying on throttle alone is pretty marginal as the engine is often just hanging above stall - having a 300 gives a bit of cheat factor here! I'm sure I couldn't do it on a 125. I'm looking at it as linked RSG's. The trouble seems to be just the number of things to coordinate at the same time. When it comes together I usually end up getting left behind, I think because I'm not pulling bars to hips enough. A little tutorial and progression into this sometime would be great. I'll try to get some video in the coming days. On another note, my tight turns on hills and loose surfaces have come along leaps and bounds after really taking on board @Neil Price 's advice to stay back further - light switch moment!

Posted by Peter Mack at 2021-06-21 06:47:11 UTC