37 weeks since I rode my last trial thanks to snapping the Tight ACL completely. So to say I was a bundle of nerves yesterday was an UNDERSTATEMENT! There was a last minute bike change and went from going to ride a 125 gas gas, I ended up on a beta 80 (an older model) but my oh my did I find the bike for ME!! I think I ended up enjoy the trial more because of the bike. It was easy for me to kick start and Handle and not soo powerful where I would feel like it would rip my arms off! But once I got over the first section of the day, the smile never left my face and I had a ball! Some challenging sections to start off with that I took a 5 or 2 being cautious of the knee, but needed up riding those sections later as the confidence over the day grew. Karen and I built that that much confidence you’ll see in the video we rode a blue, yellow and red line 🙈 . It doesn’t look like much in the video, but the drop off the first rock was about knee height and then the log we rode over would have been about shin height (which isn’t much for most people, but was huge for us and such a confidence builder). But throughout the day, I began to feel like my riding started to really click and could hear little tips from neil in my head and ended up saving myself from silly dabs. It will be about another month before I get back on the bike again. Hopefully I’ll have a Beta 80 senior to ride then. But I’ll be chopping to get back on the bike for sure!!!!

Posted by TRS bike n floral girl at 2022-04-03 23:29:17 UTC