First round of our State Series today. I found it very challenging! Definitely the hardest sections I've ridden. Some places I found really quite intimidating which kept the stress level up. I'm not used to riding rocks, so that in itself is a challenge too. Good learning experience though. I half gave up and progressively was more and more happy to get to 3 & just paddle my way around the rest of the section. It was mentally and physically just too tiring to really fight for those points. The fact that I only had probably half a dozen 0's and same for 1's all day (40 sections) didn't really help the motivation to fight! The really surprising thing was that my score of 130 odd was good enough for second place! The winner was only 15 -20 ahead of me. A good lesson that even when it gets tough you've just got to fight to keep those feet up. Not sure I had it in me to do a lot more though - I was shattered at the end of the day. Linked video is of a rider who was riding the T3 lines, but not in the class (he'd have easily won with rides like this!). T1 is Expert/Pro, T3 this grade, T4 is where the majority of people ride and T5 is the basic entry level grade.

Posted by Peter Mack at 2022-03-27 11:24:49 UTC