Hey I just caught up with this week's feed and want to say that I really commend @Neil Price 's really down to earth practical sensible advice on preparing/ managing yourself for a competition. It's really important stuff, and so many guys ignore it. I'm not seriously competing in motorcycle events but used to do a lot of cycle racing and all those things were so true. Just things like visualizing the worst case scenario and how you'll deal with it. Having a routine and comfortable regular gear etc. Not succumbing to panic and trying some new electrolyte or food just before the race. Keeping grounded and keeping this stuff is going to give you SOO much more success than running late, using borrowed gear, getting half tanked with the guys at the pub the night before the race and visualizing yourself "sending it" ... !

Posted by Andrew von Berky at 2022-03-26 23:09:08 UTC