@Neil Price Is there anyway, in all your free time🤣, that you could address scenarios similar to this and what the proper approach might be? I didn't think to get any video of the obstacle that was really kicking my butt today, but it was in the section next to this and a similar scenario with stuff preventing you from getting any momentum and then a larger and angled log just about a bike and a half length away. I was trying to use some RSG based technique and was able to make it over cleanly every time, but I suffered from the rear tire slamming into the log, bucking a bit and robbing all my momentum to finish out the hill. I was able to grunt my way up cleanly (LOVE MY VERTIGO ha ha shameless plug), but I have a feeling with better technique It could be done much better. Also on this topic what about a log on a hill that is badly eroded leadeding up to it forming basically a foot or two wall in the hillside before it. Again limited run up. These are quite common in the Advanced and Expert grades here.

Posted by Shawn McGinnis at 2021-06-20 04:04:16 UTC