Hi guys…. I hope you’ve all had a great week, the weekends here and it’s playtime! 😀 I’m looking for a bit of insight into #rsg . I’m heading over to the practice ground tomorrow morning for a couple of hours and would like to have a good crack at it, however I have a couple of issues to get over. Firstly, fear of dumping the clutch and flipping the bike. It kind of makes my efforts a bit half hearted due to self preservation! Secondly, control. So if you approach an obstacle and use RSG, dump the clutch, the front wheel goes up, how do you keep control of that? I’m probably over thinking it and hopefully someone will be able to give me a simple explanation. I get it if it’s opening the throttle but am struggling to get my head around controlled dumping of the clutch with high revs. Also, what gear should I be in for this? Hope that makes some kind of sense. Thanks.

Posted by Deleted (c95fcca7) at 2022-03-25 18:31:38 UTC