So today, neil and I played hooky and took the day off work and went out for a family ride with the girls! A break we needed after neil working late nights and me being busy in the shop!! We’ll it happened… I had my AH-HA moment with my figure of 8’s!! So in my last video, neil pointed out my body position! I thought I was upright, didn’t realise I poke my butt out so much 🤦🏼‍♀️ so today’s focus was on body position and bring my butt in and being more upright!! When I nailed staying more of a upright and shifted my weight and leg out with my turns (need to be out a little more)… guess what, it all made sense and I felt so in control with my turn and I was like AH-HA it all makes sense when it’s all working together. Now to strengthen up my left leg, so I don’t feel as weak in my right hand turns! Hope that makes sense… it does in my head and I guess that’s all that matters 🤔😅

Posted by TRS bike n floral girl at 2022-03-19 10:01:11 UTC