I guess I'm going to be the Chatty Cathy, as I get going with the group!?! πŸ˜€ If this isn't the appropriate place for this... pipe up! Some practice after work. I broke it up as Neil suggested.... The first 1/4 on technique, so I worked on turns, using figures of eight. I emphasized body and foot position. I really worked on straight arms. This was on the flat in the driveway, and also an off camber/up-down figure of eight. This uses the road ditch and my driveway around and over the culvert. I did a small amount of RSG after this. I'm getting the timing a little better. Then 1/2 doing competition simulation in my 2 sections, riding them backwards and forwards. This makes 4 sections ridden 5 times each for 20 sections. I kept track of points, and I dropped 2 points. This was mainly due to the turn practice before hand. It was getting dark, so finished up with some wheelie practice for fun. I need to get my video situation going, so I can post them.

Posted by normanfoley at 2022-03-19 01:22:43 UTC