Roll Back Challenge FEEDBACK #rollbackchallenge OK.... So this challenge is not really about getting something perfect. There will be some variation in riders, and suspension but some recurring themes here are: - Not getting arms bent enough (not getting deep enough on the down) - Getting a little to deep - not getting a firm base (I know many of you felt the difference with rear brake) - Releasing brake too early. Now I you may have rectified some or all of these points way before I got to this video, but it is still good to get the idea clear in your mind. I haven't covered every video in this one, just @Tom.Trantow @deletedmember @Peter Mack @Chris McMoose @Theo van Niekerk @Dan Evans Above all with this challenge we just want to develop the action of accelerating your torso, back away from the bars! I look forward to adding the next step! I hope the video helps in some way!

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-03-19 04:00:03 UTC