Static hops - OK So m static balance has come on loads since dedicating time to just doing that. I tried a few of the rollback challenge and I can get some movement so I will continue on that. But. I really want to get static/front wheel hops. I just don't understand the order of events and what happens to the brakes, suspension etc. I watched and rewatched the video, I have played with with breaks on and off, but I just have yet to find anything that 'feels' right. So, any tips? Do I hold any of the brakes on? Am I better trying to goto a side or just straight up. Any tips much much appreciated! P.s my phone holder thing has arrived so should be able to get a vid up soon ish. #hopping #hoppingthefront

Posted by Deleted (c4e7b01b) at 2022-03-17 10:23:04 UTC